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Call to support Alexander Aan, facing 5-years for atheism

Remember Alexander Aan, a man who was beaten and is now facing 5-years in an Indonesian prison for stating “God does not exist” on his Facebook page?

A group called Support Alex Aan’s Human Rights has been set up on Facebook, and they recently posted a comment in the Jakarta Globe calling for support.

Kafirclub – 5:02am Jan 22, 2012
We are a group of international people supporting Alex Aan in regard to his recent arrest and charges under indonesian law for blasphemy. We are please asking for your help in spreading the word about our Facebook group at

We are very concerned about Alex Aan and his family’s safety and hope that international pressure and outrage at this violation of his basic human rights will result in him being freed as soon as possible. Thank you for your help in support of Alex Aan.

The comment followed this article:

Indonesia officially recognizes six religions, and by law every Indonesian citizen must carry an identity card that identifies that person with one of these. Any discussion of atheism is considered blasphemy and is illegal.

Help spread the word about this support group.

Recent Developments:
AAI launches appeal to support Alex Aan

Friendly Atheist – Alexander Aan, Under Attack for Blasphemy, Suddenly Converts to Islam


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