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PZ Myers – teacher and poet

I have to admit it. PZ Myers is my favourite web atheist.

His direct spade-is-a-spade style of writing is balanced by a profound sense of humour – a barely suppressed belly-laugh at the preposterousness of the opposition’s point of view.

He is a excellent teacher not only because of his respect for truth, but also because, unlike the accommodationists, he respects people enough to speak it to them.

Although he once assumed the mantle of a poet and then denied that he was one it was all done in good April humour. But in truth PZ is a prose poet of the highest order.

Here are three of the best:

Pamphlet 04 – Planet of the Hats
Pamphlet 05 – The Wall – A Sunday Morning Story
Pamphlet 06 – Dear Emma


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