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My third pamphlet – Scientific Method and the Burden of Proof

In the long lost heyday of the forums on Richard Dawkins’ website, there were often intense debates about science and its impact on various religious ideas. Apologists would turn up and argue that atheists first had to prove that god did not exist before atheism could be taken seriously.

Where exactly the “burden of proof” lay was at the heart of multiple threads. This was such a repetitive topic and area of misunderstanding that I saw a need to create the following pamphlet to address it.

It was translated into French by our humanist friends in Québec.

Pamphlet 03 – Scientific Method and the Burden of Proof
Pamphlet 03 – Méthode scientifique et fardeau

Standard Note: All my pamphlets are A4 format, not US Letter. Leave me a message or comment if you want another format.

When printing, print double-sided, and if your printer can do it for you, set it to flip on the short edge. Then fold in the traditional way.


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