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My first atheist pamphlet – “What is Atheism?”

My first atheist pamphlet that I created a few years ago now was called “What is Atheism?”

It was well received and got translated into French and German (and now Spanish) by people who found it useful.

I re-publish them here simply because this is a better website than my earlier one, and I want to move my stuff over.

Pamphlet 01 – What is atheism?
Pamphlet 01 – Qu’est ce que l’Atheisme?
Pamphlet 01 – Was ist Atheismus.pdf?
Triptico 01 – Qué es el ateísmo – NEW! Thanks to Miguel for the translation.

Please note, it is not intended to be handed out on street corners, but is an information resource meant to support a face-to-face conversation when you perhaps don’t have the time to do the subject justice, or the other person is becoming entrenched, illogical, aggressive, etc. Then you can move the discussion to the brochure, to let it do some of the arguing for you. Or you might want to put a few in the local library (or school library!)

Basically it is an atheist resource to copy and use however you wish, but is not really intended to be handed out ‘cold’.

When printing, print double-sided, and if your printer can do it for you, set it to flip on the short edge. Then fold in the traditional way.


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