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NZ Atheism on target to overtake Christianity in next five years

Every five years Statistics New Zealand takes an official count of the population and dwellings in New Zealand, which includes a question on “Religious Affiliation”. Since 1971 Christianity has been in steady decline, whereas those with “No Religion” have increased in an almost linear fashion.

Statistics New Zealand will conduct the next Census of Population and Dwellings on Tuesday, 8 March 2011. It looks certain that people who profess an affiliation with Christianity will be below the 50% mark for the first time since the original NZ census in 1867.

Note that the measure of “Religious Affiliation” simply means a cultural or social identification with a particular religion, and does not mean that a person is an active church-goer. So the number of active Christians will be far fewer than what the census figures indicate.

By the time the 2016 census comes around, people who declare they have “No Religion” could well be in the majority, and certainly will be by 2021. It seems there is nothing that Christians can do to shake this 40-year trend. Good riddance!

EDIT (19/01/2011): Can someone do a similar graph for Australia or the U.K, and send me a link? It would be interesting to compare the trends.

NZ Religious Affiliation 1971 - 2006

NZ Religious Affiliation 1971 - 2006

‘Christian’ includes Maori Christian denominations.
‘No religion’ includes secular, atheist, agnostic, rationalists etc plus the ‘no religion’ response ”


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You cannot prove a negative? Oh really?

I often read on atheist blogs and forums that “you cannot prove a negative”. This is untrue, and easily dis-proven because the statement is self-contradictory.

“You cannot prove a negative” is equivalent to “A proof of a negative statement does not exist”.

This is itself a negative statement (in the same sense as the statement “God does not exist”) which, by its own definition, cannot be proven! A contradiction. QED.

Hence, the statement “you cannot prove a negative” is no more than an unsupported assertion, or an example of “folk logic”. The next time someone blithely states “you cannot prove a negative”, please, put them right.

Or, better yet, ask them to prove it.

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